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Speaker Schedule
February 3rd:
  • Ken Jacobsen - This Bay Area Cymbidium nut will present on the results of his breeding efforts for standard flowers; come enjoy a wonderful presentation full of what to do and what not to do, and a great plant table provided by Ken from his own efforts with a toothpick
March 3rd:
  • Anna Puraficacion - Owner of Philippines-based Puraficacion Orchids, and good friends with SCVOS Board Member Peter Brown, she will speak on beautiful Philippine Orchids, where to find them in Nature, and how to grow them...should be a great table again!!
March 26-28th:
  • 59th Annual SCVOS Show and Sale - Bring your plants, astound your friends, sell things, buy things, and have a great time!!
April 7th:
  • Tom Mirenda - Lead grower for the Smithsonian Institute, Tom is on a speaking tour of the West and will share with us interesting information on other words it's a talk about sex. Yay!!
May 5th:
  • SCVOS Auction - A great time to get rid of extra divisions and a great time to pick up some spectacular orchids very cheaply, this twice-annual event gives all our members a chance to clear out some greenhouse space.
June 2nd:
  • Dennis Olivas - Dennis will speak on beginner orchids, giving cultural tips and tricks and information, especially designed for newer hobbyists, but undoubtedly funny enough for all of us to enjoy!!
July 7th:
  • SCVOS Barbecue - Rather than spend anything on speakers this month, we'll have a big barbecue with hot dogs and burgers - bring a side or some dessert, and share in some cameraderie!
August 4th:
  • Eric Hunt - We're so fortunate to have Eric with us in August to speak on photographing orchids. We have a large number of photography buffs in the society, and they're dying to know some tips - Eric will teach us!
  • Dave Sorokowsky on Sarcochilus and some roundtable culture discussions
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